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June 7, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Disadvantages of Self-Publishing: Is Self-Publishing Overrated?

I’ve never self-published–but this is what I’ve identified as the challenges of self-publishing.
If you are self-publishing to the consumer market–it can be difficult. The six major challenges can be:

1. Distribution (marketing & PR)
2. Trust/Credibility
3. Cash flow (which can help make the journey a bit easier). Sometimes it takes money to make money–even in the world of the internet.
4. Lack of deadlines
5. Lack of editing (I see this as important to the initial process)
6. Lack of design & layout work

Self-publishing to the B2B market can be difficult too–but at least the consumer is easier to identify and perhaps even may have price flexibility if you can deliver real value to the company and/or their customers.

This summary at Lulu of the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing may be helpful.



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  1. Michael N. Marcus / Jun 7 2011 2:24 pm

    This is mostly incorrect, and poorly written. Someone who has never self-published should not be advising about it.

  2. compassioninpolitics / Jun 9 2011 11:34 pm


    Exact precision and grammar of the piece was not my goal. Also, if you took issue with any of it, you could have actually provided some enlightenment–but you just chose to throw stones.

    Perhaps this isn’t intrinsic to all self-publishing–but is a challenge to many self-publishers. Also, I wasn’t saying that self-publishers don’t have editing or layout–but that those are larger challenges in relation to having an established publisher who provides you with resources.

    By the way, even the self-publishers Lulu point out the following challenges, which many of my points speak to:
    • It is difficult to get shelf space in a brick-and-mortar store like Barnes & Noble if you self-publish.
    • You have to handle all, or almost all, your own marketing.
    • You pay any upfront costs. This could include copies of your book, editing, cover design or any number of other aspects.

    While I appreciate your candor, I’m sincerely confused where I overstepped.


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