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July 4, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Building a Design Thinking Certificate Program: Considering what activities & objectives sa design thinking certificate should include?

The Basics (5%)

• What it design thinking?
• How is it useful to individuals and business?
• What are the skills or core competencies of a design thinker?

Project Based Learning: (90%)

• Design thinking scenarios, projects, and experiences (project based learning & experiential learning based on challenges–taken from life, government, business, and NGOs)
• Perhaps a minimal amount of case study work on design challenges via socratic model, but this is only minimally participatory. Group work multiplies the opportunity to participate by the number of groups you have (ie if you have 5 groups it increase the available participation by 5, if you have 10 groups it increases the availability to participate by 10)
• Feedback

Reflections on Design Thinking & Experience:
Reflections on What it takes to be a design thinker and other take aways (5%)

Follow up if possible after the class, perhaps via email and virtual forums–if only to keep the juices flowing, inspiration, and to provide additional resources to encourage a life long process of design thinking. In other words, the follow up would be to encourage a life long practice of design thinking.

The experiences from the Stanford program are an interesting place to start. To my knowledge, its not a design thinking certificate, but only a program and takes place over 3 days in Palo Alto. I think there are two levels of certification–one which was short term (one to three days) and a semester long certificate program.

Design Thinking the Classics:

Stanford Creativity Class Books

Well Rounded Design Thinking Skills

Organizational Change/Change Management
Coaching & Co-coaching (as both a process and business–including marketing and pricing)
Consulting (as both a process and business–including marketing and pricing)
EQ Communication
EQ Leadership
Other core skills like training, faciliation, or related skills. (ASTD offers some of these classes and certificates)

Feel free to contribute your ideas about what a design thinking certificate, class, or curriculum for college graduates or business executives should include in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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