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August 20, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

The supposed conflict between science and Christianity

Net gain. Four lines core of reasoning:

Older scientists based their research on the notions of natural laws and still do–it was fundamental to why science takes place in the first place. Science was pursued because it offered an opportunity to discover God, his nature, and his creation.
Also, the American experiment with science has been pretty good. How much does the US federal government spend on science and science research? How much does it spend on innovation? How much does it spend on education? How much do Christian universities spend on research? Should we probably spend more…yes. But the record of innovations in health care and communication are quite impressive.
The criticisms of faith are really veiled criticisms of power. Power is the root cause of the problem or rather abuse of power. Not religion per se. Also, the issues of Galileo and Darwin, seem minor in the scope of history.
Both of these lists are Christians who are also scientists and is an interesting starting point for thinking about the issue:……

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