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August 23, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Skepticism, Faith, and Burdens of Proof

This is part of a conversation I had on Quora about skepticism, faith, and meaning:

Josh, with all due respect, your criteria rig the game. To say only one type of proof counts, at some point in time that form of objectivity, rationality, or science becomes circular. Relationships, love, ethics, and character can’t be put in a test tube….and God probably can’t be either. Experience is fundamental to how we live in the world and take part in the world around us. If my experience of China is different than your experience of China–you can’t deny my experience of China took place.

I understand your belief system has been contrained by your skepticism. I realize that effects and colors how you view the universe. Given the human experience that lays beyond the realm of science offers you and others the opportunity to experience more of life. I don’t prefer the taste of pepperoni pizza over mushrooms because science tells me one or the other is bette than the other.

Experience is fundamental to truths and the subjective experience of humans. Denying that aspect of proof and humans erases a fundamental part of the human experience–especially that which lies beyond the realm of science.

The overarching story of the Bible doesn’t contradict. Also, your distinction fails to understand how most Christians evaluate the New Testament and the Old Testament. I’m not entirely sure though why God is both the God of punishment and grace. Our perspective on God is limited by our time our perspective in the vast universe (geographically, ideologically, and culturally).

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