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September 12, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Polarized Debates in Christian Theology

The nature of organisms who are
1. artists & relationally
2. which can perform miracles
3. who are the I AM

Are all three metaphysical properties which seem to make such discussions not very relevant. Especially, when the focus of the story all points toward:
1. Jesus
2. His return
3. Heaven

More details (specifically related to the atom vs. earth explanation of creation):

The interpretation which says they are mutually exclusive interpretations is from the perspective of a chemist or scientist who is looking for a chemical or mathematic formula (presumably that can be replicated in the lab 😉 rather than a supernatural being who is calling forth Creation across earth and beyond.

If one was looking for a formula to describe what happened I would guess 3 parts are involved:
earthen substance +
miracle (God created) +

I think a helpful metaphor might be how you would describe a teleportation in Star Trek. You wouldn’t speak to the atoms transferring one by one, but perhaps even say it was from thin air (or some other euphemism or common parlance) because that type of creation is sooooooooo foreign to anything else thats ever happened on the planet. A scientific or 100% literal & 100% one to one representation was not needed. [Even chemists who are writing in the journal–say Scientific American–may skip over steps in a process to save time and focus the reader on the end results. This is the reason academic journals are 20 to 30 pages long and Scientific American stories are often 1 to 5 pages long. The intent and audience are fundamentally different–and you are speaking with a different voice.]

Not to mention 2 things. If you speak to nonfiction authors you hear them say how they edit their text , where details that don’t contribute to the overall point or story directly are omitted–here the importance seems to be on creation, not the minutia of the formula or process from soup to nuts. Its like a cook who said “I made eggs” or “I made chocolate cookies” where one one sums up a process. Second, obviously talk of atoms would have dramatically confused Jews and Gentiles alike….in fact most everybody until the rise of modern science. That could have been a dead end (of sorts) for communication.

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