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September 20, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Social Innovation Idea: MA Class in Cultural Thought Leaders

In my MA I found that we went deep and not wide. I think this is fantastic, but I believe some integration of ideas across disciplines in the context of ongoing learning is an important aspect of making T-Shaped people. (Each week or every two weeks would provide cross-disciplinary lessons: applied psychology, communication/persuasion/presentation, teaching and learning, business, culture, sociology, anthropology, etc…) It would help students and professors be more multi-disciplinary. And it might help contextualize ongoing theoretical knowledge with the ongoing progress of ideas.

This might not work in the sciences, but should work reasonably well in the social sciences (anthropology students would learn about anthropology in business and communication students would learn more about anthropology). Its possible there might be a weakness—given that students might find it difficult to get their bearings with only 3 to 12 hours of engagement with a particular area–but that might be an additional skill they pick up in the class.

Ultimately, i think 1) experiential learning 2) bridge-to-career 3) strengths determination type work might also overlap with these issues as well. (I would further suggest that logic should change to thinking, decision making, and standards of proof….which was cross disciplinary rather than being wegged in only philosophy departments).

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