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September 28, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Top Part Time MBA Programs in the United States

Top Part Time MBA Programs in the US

These are the part time rankings as determined by Business Week. I’ve also added some of the overall US News and World Report rankings for US MBA programs.

Caveat. I would want a part time program which is ALSO ranked in the top 100–particularly given the time and monetary investment. Its hard to overestimate this synergistic value and brand value that is communicated by going to a top 100 MBA program (which not all the part time MBAs provide)

You obviously want to look at the specialty you are interested in and the programs offered to provide the right fit for your needs.

1. Worchester Polytechnic, Worchester Mass
2. UCLA (Anderson) {#14 US News Rank Overall-Tie}
3. UC Berkeley (Haas) {#7 US News Rank Overall}
4. Nebraska
5. Michigan (Ross) {#14 US News Rank Overall-Tie}
6. Elon (Love) Elon, North Carolina
7. Carnegie Melon (Tepper) Pittsburgh {#18 US News Rank Overall}
8. Rice (Jones) {#34 US News Rank Overall}
9. Indiana University Southeast

10. Drexel (LeBow) Philedelphia
11. Emory (Goizueta) {#23 US News Rank Overall}
12. Chicago (Booth) {#5 US News Rank Overall}
13. Loyola Marymount
14. Case Western (Weatherhead)
15. SMU (Cox)
16. Loyola (Chicago)
17. Richmond (Robins) Richmond, VA
18. Belmont (Massey) Nashville, TN
19. USC (Marshall) Los Angeles, CA
20. Ohio State (Fisher)
21. Nevada, Reno
22. Boston University {#32 US News Rank Overall-Tie}
23. NYU (Stern)
24. Texas-Dallas {#40 US News Rank Overall}
25. Seattle (Albers)
26. San Diego
27. Santa Clara (Leavey)
28. Texas-San Antonio
29. Georgia State (Robinson)
30. Maryland (Smith) {#45 US News Rank Overall}
31. UC Irvine (Merage)
32. Wake Forest {#47 US News Rank Overall}

These programs are ranked highly, but I have not added their rankings: SMU, Case Western, Ohio State, NYU, San Diego.

You can use Business Weeks customize-able tool for finding top MBA programs here or you can click through these mini-profiles of top part time MBA programs in the US here.


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  1. Sian Fleming-Jones / Sep 28 2011 9:38 am

    What about a ranking of top online MBAs? They’re becoming more and more popular although they do have downsides. I’d love to see a comparison about how different regional online offerings compare?

    I read this recently and it got me thinking (mainly the picture!)

  2. Nathan Ketsdever / Sep 29 2011 2:50 am

    Sian, I think this quote says it all:

    Despite schools endeavouring to give e-MBAs a similar experience to the usual MBA, critics are not convinced of its merits. BusinessWeek reported that corporate recruiters take a condescending approach to the online format.

    “The only way we’d hire [an MBA with an online degree] is if their résumé is strong and they can explain why they had to get their MBA online,” says Gloria Odogbili, assistant MBA recruiter for UBS Investment Bank in New York.

    That the AACSB only accredits these 44 is quite telling. Although, I wonder if the University of North Carolina, the University of Southern California, and others should also be included on this list.

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