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October 28, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

John Doerr, Venture Capitalist What It Takes to Be a Remarkable Leader

This is a summary of the Career Wisdom and Leadership section of John Doerrs talk at the Stanford business School “What it Takes to Be a Remarkable Leader.”

Learn from the best in management & leadership:
Amazon, Cisco, Intel, Intuit, GE, Google

Really swing for the stands

You will be judged on the following:
Ability to listen actively, think critically.
And above everything else, on communication: the ability to speaking on your feed, debating the merits of issues, whether in large or small groups.

This is for a very fundamental reason:
1. Ideas are easy
2. Execution is everything
3. Team to win (in anything worth doing)

***Inspiring a team–is based on ability to think and speak on your feet.

Confront a problem vs. the person. Lets solve the business problem together.
Extra-points for humor

Network. Sustain a mentorship relationships.
Marketing. Sales. Business Development.
Be prepared to take risks.

Integrity is a binary state–either you have it or you don’t. Like holding sand in your hands.

His favorite book: Our Choice by Al Gore (on the environmental crisis).

You can watch the full video here of John Doerr and his associates from Kleiner Perkins from the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). This section on leadership & careers begins at 23 to 23.5 minutes and ends around 29 minutes.

He later mentions that that Intel culture, which allows all the ideas on the table. (I’m curious if it also borrowed on HP or why HP didn’t make his leadership list)

Doer also points to an article in Fast Company called John Doerr’s Start up Manual here.

Don’t take all your classes in the MBA program. (ie innovations in energy, life sciences & engineeering) . He points out how when he went Harvard for his MBA, he took 2 courses outside his major at MIT.

“If you don’t measure–it doesn’t matter.” Intel corp. culture/policy

Hour after & before dinner is internet free at Doerr household. Family friendly internet free timezone.

Being rigourous in planning.

“I don’t turn on my iphone till my kids are in bed.” Trae Vassallo

“Overcommunicate & keep clear goals. Communicate clearly and aggressively. We have a red light, yellow light, green light methodology.”
Chi-Hua Chien

Communicate your work/life goals to your company.

Kleiner Perkins has a family first culture.
1. Family
2. Partners
3. Portfolios
4. New ventures
5. Public service
I wedge in friends to the list.

Teams win vs. lone ranger.

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