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November 10, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Examples of social businesses and social entrepreneurship in the United States

Greystone Bakery
Sylvia Woods Enterprises
White Dog Cafe
Candle Cafe
Stonyfield Farms

Whole Foods (?)
Forestrade Coffee (?)

Consumer Products
Seventh Generation

Education & Youth
Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Youth Empowerment Alliance
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Consulting, Coaching, & Training
ZBA Associates (mindfulness)
Trusteeship Institute
Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group (corporate culture & transformation)
Mal Warwick and Associates (Direct marketing & marketing for non-profits)

Social Impact Investing & Venture Capital
Calvert Group
Investors Circle
Meadowbrook Capital
Condor Ventures
RSF Social Finance
Domini Social Investments
Blue Chip Venture Company
New Capitalist (Financial Literacy & Invesments)
Renewal Partners
Ashoka (Education & Awareness)

From “True to Yourself: Leading a Values Based Business” by Mark Albion. I recommend checking out his website for his insights & book recommendations. You can read his articles in Fast Company magazine here. You can find similar books at Berrett Koeller Publishers, who has a Social Venture Network book series.

I recently made a list of international social businesses, most of which are focused on the poorest of the poor. You can view the list here: 35 Examples of Great Social Enterprises

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