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November 14, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Top State Universities for Entrepreneurship Majors

Austin Rocks!
If you are from Texas, which I’m guessing you are and still can use your parents address as your residence, I highly recommend checking out the University of Texas at Austin. Also, Austin has a great start up culture.

In terms of top state schools for entrepreneurship.

1. Berkeley (U Cal) (Haas)
2. University of Texas-Austin (McCombs)
3. University of Indiana-Bloomington (Kelley)
4. University of Arizona-Tucson (Eller)

UCLA also typically ranks highly on such rankings. I’ve also heard good things about UC San Diego’s program.

Also, those schools Berkeley, UT, U of I, U of A, and UCLA have a broad diversity of great programs in number of disciplines–so that you campus is likely to be vibrant and the opportunity to engage top professors in other disciplines is high as well. I’ve limited the discussion to state schools, but there are a range of other options.

Pick a Program and a City
Ideally, I would pick both a program AND a city. In other words, the local community will provide different learning, networking, & internship opportunities. You want to pick a city with a start up hub (SF/Bay/Palo Alto, LA, Boston, New York, Austin, Washington DC, etc…). Here is the case for living in a start up hub by Paul Graham who runs the infamous Y Combinator incubator program in his essay “Cities and Ambition” aptly points out “Great cities attract ambitious people. You can sense it when you walk around one. In a hundred subtle ways, the city sends you a message: you could do more; you should try harder.” For more on this point made from the advantages provided by networks, communities, and talent acquisition (leaving out the issue of local assets which is another reason start up hubs are key) check out Richard Florida’s blog or articles on the Creative Class.
(there is also work on innovation clusters which draws on similar principles)

The advantage of these hubs is that many also have great mass transit, which means students without cars can access networking events easily. You will potentially get double or triple the number of events to attend versus a smaller city. Plus as an entrepreneur its ideal to be in a city of entrepreneurs.

Very important note. These are actually MBA program rankings, but thats certainly reflective of the quality of faculty as well as outside the classroom opportunities. Also, I believe the prices are also reflective of it being the MBA program and not the undergrad program, so remember to check out the undergraduate price as opposed to the MBA prices.

As a caveat, Entrepreneur magazine does say your current school has a decent program (in the top 25)–University of Missouri – Kansas City. However, given residence in Texas, its probably cheaper and I would assume that Austin is more of a “creative class” city compared to Kansas City.

* One caveat, I linked to the MBA programs and looking back should probably have linked directly to their page on entrepreneurship. Sorry. I hope this serves as a decent guide to picking a reasonably priced school which provides a vibrant community for entrepreneurs.

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  1. kato abraham / Nov 14 2011 6:46 am

    I am very pleased with that information since am also a business student but is not appealing the international students like me. I would want to know of the international opportunities

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