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November 17, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

My ideas about skills for the undergraduate university education

Five core skill component model
1. Problem solving
2. Communication/persuasion
3. Ethics/character
4. Operation/process
5. Changing human behavior/EQ/Coaching (including metaphors)

Version 2:
1. Creativity/play/marketing
2. Problem solving/decision making
3. Persuasion/Public speaking/Nonverbal
4. Coaching/change/leadership
5. Mindset/fear/Happiness/Risk
6. Research/decision making
7. Biz basics/innovation/real context

Version 3: More career education oriented
1. Career/Self reflection
2. Character/Success
3. Change methodologies/Coaching/Mastermind
4. EQ/Mindfulness (requires tools & opportunities)

I like version 1 better, but I think for its simplicity, although I think both are interesting.

Also, coaching & mentoring, and communities of practice as methodologies for wisdom/knowledge transference.

When describing an architecture studio “The oscillation between thought and action, facilitated by critique is the medium for design.”
Ann Pendleton-Jullian
(schools of architecture…don’t take problem as given….how do you look at it differently?)

Jack Welch, “There is a better way of doing this. Get out and find it, and read about it, and learn about it, and chase it. So you’re always getting better.” MIT April 26, 2011
(ie MIT vs. Harvard).

Have fun…excite people…never be a bore
–Jack Welch

Your social responsibility is to win. A busted company can’t do that.
–Jack Welch

Help them understand what change looks from the otherside.
–Jack Welch

Change–whats in it for them? (job security, better life, etc…) Its the missing link in everyone of these change initiatives.
–Jack Welch

With the right team, you can get through anything.
–Jack Welch

The above are paraphrases of Jack Welch, (Link)

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