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November 22, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

What are the biggest disadvantages of social media communication?

I would suggest the 5 biggest challenges of social media are:
1. Anonymous vitriol and hate-This is particularly evident on YouTube and various forums. It can get pretty ugly and it wouldn’t happen face to face.
2. Distraction from your dreams and ambitions-Social media can be a distraction from the life you are trying to build for you and your family. (including issues of information overload)
3. Lack of face to face interaction and presence-Mobile is particularly difficult in this regard. It started with the “crack berry” and now almost everyone from 16 to 26 and even 36 seem to have an issue with face to face conversations longer than 20 minutes.
4. Lack of Peace of mind-Recognizing this issue, some individuals have put down social media for a weekend or longer in order to avoid (in the same way the former two generations have handled television or video games).
5. Social media echochamber/bubble-Its easy to think you’ve resolved an issue, but you’ve only seen one side of the equation.

I don’t think these are intrinsic to the act of social media communication–but they are rather tough challenges (particularly 2 through 4). What are the biggest disadvantages of social media communication?

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  1. compassioninpolitics / Dec 19 2016 5:34 am

    I think it might be helpful to think about it as a continuum given the different types of social media communication. Its also worth paying attention to what is the right type of communication for which situation.

    Its easy to get locked in an echo chamber if one doesn’t pay attention to the fact that its happening.

    The depersonalization and anonymity can be a significant challenge to treating the person on the other end with empathy, kindness, respect, and compassion. In short, it creates a possible mental barrier to both respect and civility. And our community and civilization are ostensibly built on both civility and respect.

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