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November 24, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

What is the value proposition for design thinking and design thinking education?

I’ve included 5 different elevator pitches for the design thinking methodology:

1. Greater humanity, dignity, & empathy in products, services and organizations in a way which contributes to the bottom line and provides a competitive advantage.
2. Problem solving and innovation that works.
3. A method of creativity and problem solving which has a proven return on investment through better products and services.
4. Idea and innovation optimization. A unique and competitive advantage of Product/market fit in which the two are married directly to one another.
5. Innovative product and process design which integrates seemlessly into the real lived experiences of customers.

You can also make a case for a renewed sense of agency, passion, and purpose among employees from learning design thinking principles (assuming thats part of the intervention, which seems necessary for a 360 change in culture and organization). For instance, heres what a design thinking education participant, Ibeth, from a California government agency gained from her experience:

“Not only did I get to see a more humane and humble side of our organization, but I also rediscovered a new sense of connectedness to my colleagues and a renewed sense of duty towards the community I serve.”

* It also decreases waste and is therefore often the more sustainable and greener option (ie people don’t tend to throw away products which fit the way they live and fulfill their needs–so the products don’t end up in landfills).

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