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November 30, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Design Thinking Activities & Methods

The following are based on the design thinking method cards created by the Design School at Stanford–this is like a Design Thinking Method Card table of contents or one-pager for quick access:

• Assume a Beginner’s Mindset
• Interview Preparation
• Interview for Empathy (diagram)
• What? | How? | Why? (for interviewing primarily)
• Analogous Empathy
• Extreme Users
• Journey Map
• Team Share-and-Capture
• Saturate and Group (Visuals and/or Post-its)
• Why-How Laddering (for interviewing primarily)
• Empathy Map (Say, Do, Think, Feel)
• 2×2 Matrix
• Composite Character Profile
• Fill-In-The-Blank Character Profile
• Point-of-View Madlib
• Point-of-View Analogy
• Critical Reading Checklist (Whats the point? Who says? Whats new? Who cares?)
• Design Principles
• Stoke (brainstorming warm-up game)
• “How Might We” Statements (User, needs, insights)
• Facilitate a Brainstorm
• Brainstorming Rules

• Selection
• Prototype for Empathy
• Prototype to Test
• Testing with Users
• Prototype to Decide
• Identify a Variable
• User-Driven Prototyping
• Wizard of Oz Prototyping
• Storytelling (why?, character(s)/heros/villans, dramatic action/conflict, details, and storyboarding)
• Shooting Video (for: storytelling?, ethnography?)
• Video Editing
• I Like, I Wish, How To (also The third option “How to . . .” has variants of “I wonder . . .” and “What if . . .” Use what works for your team.)

Possible add ons: association game & ideography (metaphors, stories, analogies, aphorisms, historical & cultural stories)

You can find the actual design thinking method cards from Stanford here. The design consultancy IDEO also has an design thinking iPhone app, with a card-driven theme.

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