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December 7, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Quotes by Tom Peters about Business Leadership, Management, and Innovation

Here are a couple quotes from Tom Peters on Leadership, Management, and Innovation in Business
“Organizations exist to serve. Period.” Tom Peters
“Its about institutions caring for people and delivering value. Period.” Tom Peters
“Patient centered care…what other kind is there?” Tom Peters
“Brand = talent” Tom Peters
“Leaders goal not to be the best strategist…but to hire the best strategist” Tom Peters
“Whomever tries the most stuff wins.” Tom Peters
“You don’t learn nothing unless you do something.” Tom Peters
One of these 5 people win in economics or medicine…. (one smart vs. one innovator/dumb/short on intelligence)
(see also listening below)

Principles of In Search for Excellence (1982):
1. A bias for action [even more so now…talk vs. action….you need something to analyze]
2. Close to the customer
3. Autonomy and entrepreneurship
4. Productivity through people
5. Hands on, value driven
6. Stick to the knitting
7. Simple form, lean staff
8. Simultaneous loose-tight properties

Also the Have You 50s list is here. (PDF)

Pursuit of Wow by Tony Hsieh (his list of principles)

1. Deliver Wow Through Service
2. Embrace And Drive Change
3. Create Fun And A Little Weirdness
4. Be Adventurous, Creative And Open-Minded
5. Pursue Growth And Learning
6. Build Open And Honest Relationships With Communication
7. Build A Positive Team And Family Spirit
8. Do More With Less
9. Be Passionate And Determined
10. Be Humble

Notes, Thoughts, Ect…
7H Theory of Everything, Hilton, Howard, Herb, Henry I, Henry II, Hsieh, Hegesein
Grants strategy. Just keep moving. (aka execution)
Why aren’t there more books on execution in the business literature than Larry Bossidy’s?
Organizational excellence = deepest blue ocean (superb execution)
You’re number one enemy as a leader is your desk. (i.e. Howard at Starbucks visits a minimum of 25 shops a week–also HP and managing by wondering around–always being in touch).
“Your main constituencies are your employees, your customers, and your products.” Jack Welch, former CEO of GE
“We are a life success company” Remax, Dave Linger
“Our mission: To develop and manage talent throughout the world, for the benefit of clients, to do so in partnership, and to do so with profit.”
Change the world–not to be rich (however, obscene profit can help you do big, cool projects)
Excellence & catedrals.
Oath of Office: Managers & Servers.
“Ready, Fire, Aim” Ross Perot (vs. Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim….)
“Experiment Fearlessly” Business Week/Type A Organzation Strategies….said those at the top of innovation. You don’t learn something till you do something.
“Its all about the prototype.” (?)
Fail forward fast. Philly Executive.
Something about a monomaniac on a mission (moderates don’t make history)
Women treated as invisible…despite buying power. (“dismay, shock, anger”…”stupidity”)
“Forget China, India, and the Internet, economic growth is driven by women.” The Economist (2 out of 3 jobs filled since 1970)
Mohammed Yunus (Men vs. Women)
W > 2X (C+1) (20 trillion in consumer spending),
For a number of observes, we have entered the era known as “womenomics”,
Business Week “Women Rule as Managers”, Women are born to lead (+28% & +15%)
Concluding Thoughts:
1. Sweat the details
2. Stay in touch
3. Its all about the people
4. Small courtesies, big payoff
5. Most tries wins
6. Wow!
7. Women Rule!

You can learn more about Tom Peters on Listening here.

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