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December 9, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Another short critique of moral relativism

However, planning the deaths of 5,000 innocent civilians isn’t right or just no matter what your objective or “perspective.” There has to be room to say that Osamas notion of “truth” was a radical aberration which should be condemned by the international community…the same way genocide should be condemned….the same way rape should be condemned. If you let Osama off the hook…then you have to let Bush off the hook….and everyone off the hook. Pretty soon the whole notion of the search for truth becomes bunk. Also, no matter what your perspective 2 + 2 = 4. And no matter what your perspective, gravity is a law of living on terrestrial Earth. Giving up on ethics lets the law of the jungle run free…in which no one is really “free” but fearful. If you think ethics isn’t important or their aren’t standards…try living in an inner city in Washington DC (or your town) while gun shots ricochet off project walls. Or wait until someone criminally violates your rights or someone unjustly fires you. Vagueness or difficulty in determining ethics doesn’t mean its any less important. Our lack of knowledge about the exact right medical intervention in the case of cancer or heart attack doesn’t mean we give up the search–contrarily we double down in search of a solution.

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