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December 15, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

List of 12 Minute or Less Dinner Ideas for Guys Who Can’t Cook

I’m starting to cook more and here is a list of some easier dishes which don’t require real cooking skills–or even more so don’t require lots of cooking time.

1. Tacos and/or Taco Salad (or something Mexican)
2. Quesodilla (cheese, chicken, and other good ingredients)
3. Nachos (beef/chicken/etc, beans, cheese, etc..)
4. Subs/Heros (meat, cheese, sauce, condiments, etc..)
5. Deli Meat sandwiches (awesome bread & roast beef, chicken, or turkeys)
6. Pannini (sandwich-esque)
7. Salad (with a nice dressing & perhaps sliced or cubed chicken)
8. Soup/Crockpot
9. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
10. Chili (cheese & various options)
11. Spaghetti
12. Pasta & Various Sauses
13. Chicken Marinade
14. BBQ Chicken
15. Burger (various re-mixes)
16. Steak
17. Kabobs
18. Sausage sub/hot dogs with Peppers
19. Asian (chicken & sauce & rice or asian fried vegetables)
20. Something else ethnic
21. Fish
22. Pork chops
23. Something involving bacon
24. To Go Food/Pizza (really 2 options, but I guess kind-of cheating….but equally valid as an option)
25. Build your own X (salad bar style–stuffed baked potatoes, sandwiches, tacoes, etc…))
26. Chicken Tenders (options: sause, ranch, etc..)
27. Breakfast food (eggs, sausage)
28. Breakfast food (pancakes & fruit on top)
29. Breakfast food (waffles & fruit on top)
30. BBQ sandwiches from the store (ie get 1/2 pound or pound of BBQ beef)
31. Noodles, noodles, and more noodles
32. Sandwich meats on bagel or muffin
33. Something vegitarian or from Kashi
34. Black beans & rice & lemon (with chicken)
35. Other options include frozen options like: Stir Fry, Kashi chicken, asian, enchilladas, amys organic, boca, and organic praire
36. Other bonuses: bananas, brocolli, oats, whole grain, salmon, tuna, sweat potato, asparagus, tomato, berries, nuts, almonds, yogurt, apples, raisins, apricots, rasberries, and teas. (link)

* Steak and Kabobs seem the most involved (steak is only involved if long marination is desired). I don’t know much about fish or pork chops, so they probably fit in this category. I guess many options around bacon besides sandwiches or bacon for breakfast-type food, seem to require more effort.

** 12 minutes or less is reflective of the preparation time….not the cooking time. Many of the above may require 20 to 35 minutes of cooking time and in some cases more.

*** I’m curious what types of Yogurt are the best….

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