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January 23, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Design Thinking in Health Care Service Design

Bringing design thinking to health care services will enable the creation of customer-centered innovations for health care and provide the skills needed to explore new organizations, business models, and health care service delivery.

Shelly Everson, School of Design @ Carnegie Mellon University

Core concepts of design thinking in the health care context:
-Shelly Everson, School of Design @ Carnegie Mellon University

Explanation of design thinking concepts as applied to health care services:
Understanding (in the small and large) a focus on deeply understanding people’s expressed and latent needs viewed in the context of broader social, economic, and technical trends.
Integration the ability to organize and integrate disparate information into something many stakeholders–with different viewpoints–believe is better.
Openness fearless with regard to listening to another person
or learning from another discipline or division’s perspective
Attention respect for emotion and its importance in driving rational choice and satisfaction.
Exploration letting creative extremes take you into ever richer solutions spaces.
Envisioning leaps of faith as to what might work and creating quick, tangible examples of it,
while being unafraid to discard design options along the way.
-Shelly Everson, School of Design @ Carnegie Mellon University

3 Big Needs:
New methods for modeling customer experience.
New models for skilling everyday people to become active participants in their care.
Innovative prototyping for exploring new healthcare service delivery systems
-Shelly Everson, School of Design @ Carnegie Mellon University

You can learn more about design thinking in the medical context at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation here.

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