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March 8, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Academics and Scientists who are Old Earth Creations and Theological Evolutionists

I’m not entirely sure what I think about this debate. However, I’ve included this overlap because I think the discussion is interesting. I believe these are the most prominent in the literature who fuse a belief in God and a belief in evolution (but thats based on just the relative import as authors):
• Francis Collins
• Kenneth R. Miller
• John Polkinghorne
• Owen Gingerich
• Alister McGrath
• Fazale Rana
• Jeffrey P. Schloss
Hugh Ross
• Ian Hutchinson
• Ard Louis
• Dr. Gerald Schroeder

Biologos (an advocacy and education organization founded by Collins):
Biologos Conversations
• Biologos Resources
Biologos has an amazing repository of such answers in short clip form. In some ways, perhaps one of the biggest repository based on my research.

More Research on the Science & Evolution/Faith Question
Test of Faith Video Clips
• Veritas Forum Talks

Wikipedias Research on the Theistic Evolution Question
• Theistic Evolution (link)
• Old Earth Creationism (link)

To me the arguments by Jeffrey Schloss, Hugh Ross, and Fazale Rana are some of the most fascinating. Schloss is a evolutionary biologist and the best version of Ross & Rana’s argument can be found based on their Veritas Forum talk which synergizes the Biblical account and the evolutionary one–although it is a partial critique of evolution. I’ve just encountered Dr. Gerald Schroeder and haven’t read much of his work–as I think he mostly gives talks, but apparently the Wikipedia link above links to one of his articles.

It may be easier to access the Veritas Forum videos via their Vimeo station interface, if you’re more familiar with it. You can see the justification for Old Earth Creationism here–in terms of scientific reasons the earth is old rather than young. Realize that isn’t an argument for evolution per se–just a reason that a Young Earth view may be off by a number of years (in this case probably a few million or billion). Which is to say it may be flawed, but not terminally so (its just an intellectual flesh wound). One caveat–I don’t know how Old earth Creationists deal with the flood effecting the geological record–however I’m not sure how it could effect it to the tune that young earth creations scholars believe it does.

Wherever you fall on this continuum–you are still my brother/sister in Christ. Your belief in one belief system or way of viewing the text doesn’t change that in the context of Evolutionary science or many other issues that (unforuntately) divides Christians from one another. Plus there is the issue of Grace & unity in Christ.


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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Mar 8 2012 9:44 pm

    An old testament scholar to look at is Tremper Longman. I’m sure there are others.

  2. austind90 / Apr 15 2012 4:39 am

    Peter Enns, Trempur Longman, Denis Lamoureux, John Walton,Greg Boyd, and N.T. Wright. Others have expressed openness to the interpretation including B.B. Warfield, John Stott, Bruce Waltke, Mark Noll and others.

  3. austind90 / Apr 15 2012 4:40 am

    Peter Enns, Denis Lamoureux, John Walton, Greg Boyd, and N.T. Wright. Others have expressed openness to the interpretation including B.B. Warfield, John Stott, Bruce Waltke, Mark Noll and others.

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