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March 16, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Impact Investing Panel at Berkeley

Schwab–has internal work & external product to help others impact invest.
JP Morgan $1 Trillion (housing, water, health, serve the underserved)
Profit opportunity too.
Separate asset class?
Global Impact Investing Network. $50 billion-to $500 billion by 2014 (doesn’t make sense).
Less than 5% of all managed assets. Are we at a tipping point? Is it hype?

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) transition to Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)
Imprint does 1/3 of top foundations–they are the “intel inside” but doesn’t pick the stocks–they find those people.

Paul Herman: HIP quantifies the impact. Impact isn’t an asset class–its a filter/criteria. Quantify their impact. Evaluate hedge funds & rate companies (the HIP 100–a re-weighting of S & P 100)

Rob Cordes: Challenged to put 20% in SRI back in 2007 when that was the term of art–around global economic empowerment. Now at 31% across private debt & equity. Themeatic area: global economic empowerment: (micro-finance, fair trade supply chain, education in developing world). Needed an infrastructure to make the connections. Join with Calvert and. Impact (non-profit & venture backed firm)

• Kim Laughton (moderator) – President, Schwab Charitable
• Benjamin E. Allen – Director of Research & Portfolio Manager, Parnassus Mid-Cap Fund
• Ron Cordes – Co-Chairman, Genworth Financial
• John Goldstein – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Imprint Capital Advisors
• R. Paul Herman – CEO & Founder, HIP Investor, Inc. (High Impact Plus Profit)

Heres the original video on Youtube.

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