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March 21, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Solving the price issue for health care ITC at the base of the pyramid

The following is in response to a dialog on Quora. I hope it helps solve price issues for health related IT at the bottom of the pyramid:

Makarand is speaking to high demand lower cost ICT as well as technology is the larger sense (technology as a practice, method, or service not as a product–the way we often tend to think of it–at least for part one). He’s also speaking to knowledge about and not purchase of the product (people with stuff can still not know).

Also, subsidies, rental (rotational ownership), micro-finance, or health workers with mobile versus everyone buying mobile all seem to address the issue. Institutional ICT (even at medium range prices) can solve for this discrepency as well) Finally, he seems to be speaking to not necessarily the $2 per day BOP, but rather the $3.50 per day BOP. (my numbers are just for illustrative or comparative reason, not necessarily technical precision)

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