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March 22, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Vivek Ranadive 5 Factors Shaping the Future: Will Rights Brains Rule the Future

1) Whatever will be done in India and China will be done in India and China

2) Whatever can be done by a computer will be done by a computer. (Whatever can be automated will be automated.)

3) Social networks are not just a fad. They are going to change everything.

4) Platforms. Powerful platforms for communication (Facebook, iTunes, iPhone app store)

5) Re-definition of the corporation. Corporations are relatively modern. (Last couple 100 years versus artisans). Back to the future.

* I think he may overestimate the role of social networks in the short term–but they will change everything if used efficiently. I guess is depends on his timeframe and definition of “everything.”

** Everything that can be done in India & China does place an interesting paradox on programming.

*********Are you better off getting a degree in the Fine Arts? Engineers just build the stage. But its not design alone…the designer need to know business & understand what makes humans tick (ie how to motivate, lead, and mentor/coach them).**********

Vivek Ranadive, Founder and CEO of TIBCO

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