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March 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Coack K on Teamwork , Motivation, and Leadership

1) Its the name on the front of the jersey versus the back that you’re playing for
2) A Gold Standard ***
3) Repetition & pause & emotional gravitas
4) “Time…I’m big on moments.”
5) Context. History. Where are we? Who are we? Whats going on? Whats the world life? Where are we at? (in higher ed) Whats the context we’re in? (identity–perception–community–context)
6) Purpose & meaning
7) The worlds game
8) Overconfidence & ego can be a killer
9) Perspective. Where are you now? (not Dwane Wade–representing) Respect.
10) Experiential learning (completely blind talk & Team picture NYC liberty–ellis island & in uniforms and suits). “Self-less service” What is self-less service? Wounded warriors wanted to serve again. (we weren’t a team yet)
11) Building a culture….building a team.
12) Tell them stories. Short stories. 100 years ago my grandfather was at Ellis Island–like your. Remember today. You aren’t playing for you. You’re playing for all that gave you an opportunity to be here. Be sure we win….because we are representing.
13) Standards are important. Its how you live. What you attempt to do. Its how you live. Its what you hold other accountable for.
14) Gold medal. 1st page = gold medal. 2nd page = schedule. How we are going to live. Its not me telling you. You can say anything….say something. Look each other in the eye and trust one another. (character, ethics, teamwork, & defense & rebounding). “No excuses.”–assets. 14 Gold Standards. Had to re-enforce & re-commit.
–Meeting….with a video. Rap song
15). I thought of all of them.
16) They are becoming all the time. Standards. Not sure of who they are.
17) Watched videos & sat down and talked.
18) Find out who they are….and who we are. [NK: its phenomenological or perhaps situational]
19) Intense scuitinty
20) You have to be process oriented to get it done. Are we going to have the same commitment the next game?
21) We are in the process of becoming men.
22) Toughest schedule….we will be hardened….worthy enough to the basketball.
23) to be a champion…you have to be worthy….being worthy may not be enough.
24) Service work of Duke team
25) Do things people don’t know about….character (did I do something good today? did I treat someone well? visiting kids & helping others)

Here is the full video.

Fundamentally about character, confidence, and commitment. (be a champion. communication.)

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