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March 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How did Jesus persuade and communicate

1. where do you fit/context
2. Parable/story
3. history
4. identity/legacy
5. experientially
6. wisdom/aphorisms
7. prioritization & purpose
8. contrast/juxtaposition
9. parallelism
10. visual
11. surprising
12. questions
13. metaphors of light & dark (enlightenment)
14. mytho-poetic (paint pictures, poems, songs, & myth-like language)
15. future casting (painting a picture of the future–perhaps even contrasting them)
16. vision/futurist/forecasting
17. schema
18. important distinctions (see also contrast)
19. heart, soul, & emotions
20. the underlying reality of life & situations (appearance vs reality–uncovering assumptions and myths)
21. concrete images
22. via mentoring relationships (in real time) trial & error.
23. with encouragement
24. without wax….told the truth.
25. a sense of both past & future
26. modeling authentic & character based living (he dealt with temptation too)
27. with empathy (and kindness of spirit)
28. with giving (often)
29. in relationship (and in community)
30. over food
31. with service, with service, with service.

How do you think Jesus communicated? What made Jesus an effective communicator?

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  1. Rod Fleming / Apr 13 2012 10:42 am

    With love and compassion

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