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March 31, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Beyond Gray Pinstripes MBA Program Ranking for 2012

1. Stanford GSB
2. York (UK I think)
3. IE University
4. Notre Dame (Mendoza)
5. Yale School of Management
6. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
7. U of Michigan (Ross)
8. Cornell (Johnson)
9. U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10. Berkeley (Haas)
11. GWU
12. ESADE Business School
13. Columbia
14. Portland U School of Business Admin.
15. U of Denver (Daniels)
16. San Fran State U College of Business
17. Wisconsin School of Business
18. Simmons School of Management
19. Eramus University (RSM)
20. ???????
21. Eramus University (RSM)
21. Boulder (Leeds)
22. NYU (Stern)
23. Williamette University (Atkinson)
24. British Columbia (Sauder)
25. Duquesne University (Donahue)
26. Griffith Business School
27. Colorado State University
29. U of Texas-Austin (McCombs)
29. ESMT
30. U of South Carolina (Moore)
31. U of Navarra (IESE)
32. Illinois State University College of Business
33. Monterey Institute of International Studies
34. Rutgets Business School
35. U of Calgary
36. Wharton at U Penn
37. U of Maryland (Smith)
39. Brandeis (Heller)
41. U of Jyvaskyla School of Business and Econ
42. Concordia University (John Molson)
43. Vanderbilt University (Owen)
44. Wake Forest University (Babcock)
45. Nottingham University Business School
46. Texas Christian University (Neeley)
47. U of Exeter Business School
48. Melborne Business School
49. Georgetown University (McDonough)
50. Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen)

Gray Pinstripes as I understand focuses on environmental and sustainability MBA programs–not the full range of social business. Given that social business is new–this is certainly one important way to look at the overall issue. Its also possible to look at supply chain rankings (for instance at US News and World Report) and think about greening the supply chain or other reforms in the supply chain as ways to create reform in business.

Remember to check this list with other relevant facts about these universities. Looking at rankings is one key way to filter your decisions and find schools which are a better fit for your needs–both as a student and in your career. Also, it obviously helps to examine other data points (ask to speak to graduates as well as relevant data about their success in the marketplace)–particularly in the first 1 to 5 years after graduation.

Here is the full graypinstripes study ranking. They also have ways to customize the data a bit for your needs as a student.

* FYI: at the moment I haven’t hot linked the school names to their respective university websites.

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  1. Kenny / Apr 25 2012 4:10 pm

    IE Business School also offers one of the best MBA programs, ranked No. 8 in the world by the Financial Times:

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