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April 2, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How to do keep motivated and on track?

The following post is in memory of one of my greatest heroes in life my grandfather:

* Get clear on what your fire is and what energizes you. (if you’re on Quora I wouldn’t be surprised if learning, personal development, seeking excellence, and giving back aren’t part of your core driving motivation.) *
* Create a life mantra (or at least a mantra for your next month, project, or year)
* Ask friends if they have suggestions about what your passion (and/or strengths are).
* Write down goals and commit to them.
* Think about your purpose and your end goal.
* It may be helpful to celebrate small wins. (I got a shake and played my favorite video games after all my chem tests as a freshman in college. If it was today, I might get a smoothy and perhaps find another reward which fit my personality & characteristics)
* Commit to refreshment and re-charging your batteries (hobbies, relaxation, social activities, etc…). There is very good research around this issue in the positive psychology literature.
* Keep track of your progress. Hold yourself accountable.
* Get started. This is the hardest part often. (I’ve heard about committing to doing 5 minutes of running…but actually doing 20 or more)
* Post visual reminders in places you think would be helpful which remind you in words or visuals of your goals & priorities (and possibly even your rewards).
* Get a buddy. Get someone to do it with your and/or to hold you accountable.
* Find a champion. (someone who believes in your and/or your goals)
* Go on a quest to find what motivates other people in their work and life.
* Listening to music helps a lot. (ie iTunes and Pandora are quite helpful). This helps me lock into a task. I think CDs can actually be most helpful if you like most of the songs because it means you are working in 45 to 1.25 hour intervals generally (and you don’t have to mess with changing the track). Although, you can certainly create playlists which help you work more effectively and focused.

* This is my answer on Quora….which explains the reference to Quora above.

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