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April 15, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about types of logical fallocies

Here are a couple I think are important in the legal context (and might be important in the policy debate context):
• Incomplete data/Limited data
• Incomplete perspective
• Lack of context (poor framing)
• Lack of comparison/base line
• Incomplete or irrelevant expertise
• Non-mutually exclusive interpretations (this is generally fallocies of refutation–I’m curious if fallocies of refutation or criticism are a unique category of logic)

Reasoning with metaphors/analogies
How do we reason with non-logic based methods?
How do we logic with emotion or intuition?

* This doesn’t really fall under social entrepreneurship–but rather as an issue of improving reasoning skills–which in the coontext of K-12 and college education represents social entrepreneurship.

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