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May 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What I’m passionate about these days

I’m dabbling in a number of areas:
1. innovation/creativity processes (and schemas)
2. logic/argument/persuasion/rhetoric schemas (those in law, sales, debate, and elsewhere).
3. critical thinking/problem solving schemas (obvious overlaps with 1 & 2). also want to get into decision-making models–but haven’t delved much into that literature.
4. a number of other ideas…that I need to filter and focus on (some of which border on the issue of emotional intelligence–but those aren’t particularly developed.)

But in relation to #1, is the idea of design thinking, which is a methodology for creativity founded by the folks at the design consultancy IDEO. They center around core issues empathy, ethnography, deep interviews, roleplaying, scenario planning, and a iterative prototype centric model of testing. Each of these in one way or another becomes a tool in a problem-solvers toolbox to help address assumptions–test them–and re-frame the problem. (I believe it in some ways mirrors in some sense the experiential learning model of David Kolb–although they may have tweaks in how they approach the process).
I’m particularly interested in design thinking in education, but also in health care–particularly health care communication.

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