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May 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Social Entrepreneurship Textbook, Theme, and Syllabus Ideas

Deciding what to focus on for your classroom is a personal decision, but here are what I think are possible sub-themes for a class in social entrepreneurship:

1. Career/Passion
2. Models of Social Entrepreneurship (models and case studies)/Change methodology. Starting and scaling social change.
3. Heros and inspirations. (perhaps including the issue of character/ethics)
4. Persuasion and influence/Advocating for change, innovation, and the poor. Behavior change. Group and organizational change. (Two books by Robert Caldini–the Chip and Dan Heath books are decent here, but probably not quite as good as Caldini). Some talk of positive organizational scholarship (including appreciative inquiry) and EQ (probably an article or two on both would be great.
5. How to think like a social entrepreneur–tools, perspectives, and mindsets (this overlaps with heros and inspirations). How to think like a successful person (mindset)
6. The big debates in social entrepreneurship (including criticism and failure). This overlaps with #2, because of the issue of the case-method is debate oriented.
7. Estimating impact/Measuring social change. And how to think about types of data as a social entrepreneur.
8. Innovation/Design thinking/Creativity (books by IDEO–there are two–as I recall Faces of Innovation is best). Otherwise, reading an article about IDEOs method and doing a classroom exercise….as well as
9. Intrapreneurship & Corporate social responsibility
10. Field experience. Experiential learning.
11. Mapping the field (this overlaps with #2 a bit)
12. Basic business concepts (including a criteria for opportunity identification)

Its obviously important to balance covering the core issues….with project based and self-directed learning……without overwhelming students. Also I think its important to figure out what skills, tools, and mindsets you want the students to walk away with (not knowledge).

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