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June 15, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Conducting win-win negotiations

Negotiations expert, attorney, sports agent, and award-winning author Ron Shapiro will share the key principles of effective negotiations — for getting what you want while building stronger relationships. His method includes focusing on client needs through listening and the 3P’s: Prepare-Probe-Propose, and is the subject of his book, The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins — Especially You!.

• Great visual of how negative emotions and assumptions can overwhelm negotiations.
• Example of win-lose….is lose-lose
• Trust and relationships. “They are important in everything we do….[including] Avoiding re-does.”
• Find ways to do win-win deals.
• Doris Kearns bio of Abraham Lincoln. (Lincoln was empathetic & win-win)
• Be effective & nice (you can do both) 6/4 isn’t win-win.
• “It takes dedication, it takes commitment, it takes discipline, and it takes a systematic approach.” (to be win-win)
• Be a change-agent
• Embrace a simple, systematic approach (I can be systematic & prepared).
• The power of Nice. The 3 Ps: Prepare-Probe-Propose

The video is on the long side–but entertaining and useful.

You can find Rob Shapiros bio here on wikipedia and his company website here.

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