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June 15, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Learning from Systems Theory

• Assumptions & Myths versus Reality (Ideal versus the Real–Should Work vs. Does Work. Both are important–but you need to confront the real face to face. Question: How do you do that–how do you embed that in your process(es)?

• Individual level and social level and how they fit together

• Stakeholder Analysis

• Organic/Community

• Said & Unsaid
• Helps uncover unknowns. Gets beyond simplistic analysis. Gets closer to truth & ultimate dreams, missions, & goals.

Systems Thinking Links
• Edward Demming (link)
• Design Thinking
• Service Design Thinking
• Theory of Constraints (Link)
• Six Sigma & Lean (Link)
• Lean Manufacturing (link)
• Systems Thinking (link)
• Systems Thinking (Link)
• Henry Mitzburg

• Systems Thinking (link)
• Process Improvement (link)
• Business Process Improvement (link)
• Quality Improvement/Quality Management (link)

Other Related Resources:
• Design Thinking Network (link)

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