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July 7, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

A short bibliography on persuasion in organizations

Think Different: The merits of unconscious thought in preference development and decision-making, Journal of personality and social psychology

The intuitive executive understanding and applying that feeling in decision-making, Academy of Management Education, 2004

The merits of the unconscious mind a great decision maker, in New York Times 2006

The locus in basis of influence an organization all decisions from organizational behavior and human performance in 1974

Dean Keith Simonton, Who makes history and why 1994

Cognitive complexity in social respective taking communication monographs 1976

Robert E Kelly and Janet Kaplan how Bell Labs creates star performers Harvard business review 1993

The impact applicable skill on impression management effectiveness Journal of applied psychology 2007

A technique for producing ideas James Webb Young

Organizational learning and leadership skill of time travel Journal of management development 1997

The advice and influence networks of transformational leaders from the Journal of applied psychology 2005

Restraining innovation networks Academy of management review 2006

Social yet creative the role of relationships in facilitating individual creativity Academy of management Journal 2006.

Knowing what we know supporting knowledge creation and sharing and social networks organizational dynamics 2001

what do people value when they negotiate mapping the domain of subjective value in negotiation Journal of personality and social psychology 2006

managing Google’s idea factory BusinessWeek 2005

persuasion advances through meta-analysis 1998

the heart of change real-life stories of how people change their organizations 2002

The interpersonal effects of emotions in negotiations motivated information processing approach Journal of personality and social psychology 2004

Daniel O’Keefe persuasion theory and research 2002

small wins the American psychologist 1984

Holly Casey 100+ tactics for office politics

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