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July 24, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Notes on the anatomy of story

Historical example
Contrast (not that)
Comparison (prioritization–lots of different levels–actually all)

Stories of:
• leadership
• innovation
• adaptation/change
• courage/fear
• procrastination
• empathy-walk in their shoes
• hero/mentor/coaching stories (like Star Wars)
• systems/process/systems theory

* characters of the above things as well

7 Step Stories process
1. Weakness and need
2. Desire
3. Opponent
4. Plan
5. Battle
6. Self-relevation
7. New equilibrium

How many stories use a Biblical narrative? (Moses/Israelites, Prodigal, Story of Talents-ish, Jesus, Savior, etc..)

We need challenge/problem/obstacle/adversity (and BHAGs)

Fin Viz

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