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July 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Arguments for the existence of God

All the arguments for God, the Bible, or faith are in one sense an argument for heaven.

Six core types of arguments:

1. Arguments from lack.
2. Arguments from ethics.
3. Argument from the spiritual.
4. Arguments from history. (Jesus)
5. People who have direct experienced heaven or the spiritual this could be a sense of destiny, a spiritual guiding hand.
6. Argument for faith over doubt.

* Although I don’t think that fully captures what I’ve included below. I’ve mostly included it for a schema (underlying argument pattern–although for technical reasons perhaps I should call it argumentative topoi) for understanding the arguments, even if it may be under-inclusive or incomplete.

Here is a possible list:

1. Argument from the God sized hole (the void or the lack). Our own separation and alienation from God is what makes much of life so difficult. We, like Bono we still haven’t found what we are looking for. We ache and yearn, but have trouble finding our spiritual father and our spiritual home.
2. Argument from the spiritual. We experience the spiritual. If life is spirtual it changes everything. It makes it more likely that God exists–that the story of the Bible is true.
3. Argument from purpose.
4. Argument from ethics.
5. Argument from experience.
6. Argument from history. There is historical proof Jesus
7. Argument from art and literature.
8. (a second argument could be made from the argument from goosebumps–for instance in music and movies. I don’t think this is the strongest argument–but it is a kind-of-spiritual experience)
9. Argument from imagination.
10. Argument from desire.
11. Argument from real value. The material is fading. It lacks value.
12. Argument from faith. We will eventually die. We should leave a legacy of good over a legacy of evil. (optional premise: we only get one life, we have to live it right).
13. Argument from faith 2. In terms of life faith beats doubt. (See also, positive psychology or entrepreneurs and capitalism or even evolution)
14. Argument from temptation and sin. Moreover, the rest of the New Testament’s description of human existence is true and resonant with my experience.
15. Argument from story. This suggest a purpose, challenge (i.e. it envelopes the argument from suffering or argument of evil), and establishes the role of living an ethical life.
16. Argument from infinity.
17. Argument from math & rules of the universe (natural law).

• If the spiritual exists/God exists, then heaven exists.
• The argument from faith…also describes the limits of skepticism. Skepticism is least suited for dealing with this issue. At some point you have to make a leap like “I think therefore I am.” or “I have an experience of the profound and infinite–it
• To make these arguments fuller, I think you ideally should provide an idea of the imcompleteness of materialist worldviews.
• #15 comes from Donald Miller.

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