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July 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Eleven Criticisms of the New Atheist Movement (Christopher Hitchens & Dawkins et al)

From the outside new atheism a la Hitches and Dawkins appears to be a sacred cow and a shibboleth itself with few external voices or minority opinions allowed in–nothing seems further from evolution than intellectual isolation. I would suggest 11 criticisms of Hitchens and Dawkins and those who place uncritical faith in their arguments:

1. The oversights and failures of materialism and naturalism. Giving too much faith to Aldus Huxley’s version of reality. This undercuts the isolation and hyper-emphasis on science as the only source of knowledge.
2. Not being skeptical of skepticism
3. Engaging far too much in hyperbole, straw-persons (i.e. criticizing Muslims or Catholics and assuming the criticism applies to all forms of faith)
4. Not realizing that a multi-disciplinary approach might have
5. Not basing their analysis of faith on the church in Acts 2 or the acts of Jesus himself.
6. Feature creep of science. Assuming science can do too much (ie purpose and ethics).
7. The errors of egoism and cognitive biases apply as much to science as it does to any other discipline
8. Christian doctrines like the dual book model allow a complete way out of the church vs. religion conflict. A conflict which primarily only engages 3 to 4 key issues–meaning the conflict is minor in the scope of things.
9. On fire criticisms from major writers–and some even amongst atheist ranks.
10. The personal and subjective nature of faith.
11. Fine tuned universe & the universe is rich with patterns and design. And relying on multi-verse doesn’t help If a multi-verse is possible or probably, so is God.

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