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July 26, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

My Notes on Positive Psychology

Explanatory style
Adversity, Belief, Consequence, and Disputation (ABCD)
In 2002 3,000 wage salaried employees–National Study of the Changing Workforce (p. 130).
emotional hijacking (p. 133)
Richard Davidson (some resilient & un-distracted)
unreasonable expectations (p. 138)
Peter Bregman (quote 139)
Roy Baumeister

Aristotle quote on habits
Zorro Circle
Those “quickest to recover are those who can identify how they are feeling and put those feelings into words.” (p. 136).

Action performance leads to changing neuron formation (p. 149)
20 second resistance
cult of averageness
Average worker gets interrupted every 11 minutes.
“Lower activation energy for habits you want to adopt, and raise it for habits you want to avoid.”
“By adding 20 seconds to my day, I gained back three hours…”
Change the default (reset or recalibration)

Types of willpower are different.
My own equation: control X leverage x risk x reward (put on p. 137)

How to deal with downtime….(p. 154-156).

Positive change: “Rules are especially helpful during the first few days of a behavior-change venture, when it’s easier to stray off course.”

Team/Social Support

Inversion: instead of going inward….look for social support.
Personal assets
Relationship insights & assets

Atlantic Monthly–George Vaillant–Love–full stop. (p. 175). What makes us happy.
Posititivity outliers….

“like food and air, we seem to need social relationships to thrive.”

Everyone credited Joe Montana–he credited his offensive line.
Football metaphor/Joe Montana (p. 180) “Invest in a strong offensive line.”

70 Year Long Harvard Men Study (p. 183)

Check out the magic of numbers class at Harvard (number patterns)

Edison was a social creative!

Heaphy, Dutton (2008) Positive social interactions and the human body at work: Linking organizations and physiology, Academy of Management Review

Dutton also in social innovation review.
Dutton on High Quality Connections

Social Intelligence (the top 10% happiest among us)

Job Crafting

Changing the peoples age in a weekend. Ellen Langer with 75 year old men (p. 66 to 67)

“The point is so important, it bears repeating: The mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activity itself defines our reality.” (p. 71)

Expectancy Theory….but also framing, priming (which may be expectancy theory in drag) and attribution theory.

Reframe your day…
reframe your world.
Learn from boring presentations.

What identity are you wearing today? IDology (p. 75).

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
Carol Dweck, Mindset.

Attribution theory (???)

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