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August 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How to deliver persuasive proposals in 10 easy steps

Based on coaching a number of top policy debaters in the country at 3 different universities and studying the persuasion research, I would suggest the following 7 ways to access persuasvie power (although there is a lot of meat in #1)–along with 3 to 4 others:

1. Audience values, emotions, desires, missions, and assumptions
2. Proof/Logos
3. Take into consideration relationships/Power/Exchange/Stakeholders
4. Clarity & Simplifying (with analogy, story, metaphors, historical examples, or parallel examples)
5. Engage them with a questions, vision, and a viable solution
6. Social proof
7. Story

Its really hard to emphasize understanding:
8. Researching the issue from a data perspective (problem & solution)
9. A comprehensive evaluation of the strategic context (including alternative courses of action
10. Individual and institutional values and motives
11. Your audience (their beliefs, attitudes, values, interests, passions, and history). This is soooo incredibly important.

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