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November 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Thoughts about design thinking in the organization

“The one with the prototype wins.” (it gets questioning & engagement & discussion moving forward)
Simple–keep the cognitive load low.
Where is your place for failing?
When does design thinking have issues (Non-ambiguous questions & things were failure is life/death–ie airlines).
Virtual design thinking (include a face to face meeting in the process either onsite or in an airport conference room)
There is a cool app for projecting–Peligulous (???) 1:23:10

Talking vs. Doing. Bias toward action.
Principles: Lateral thinking, sketching, & prototyping
5 principles: non-linear (jump and just do it!), semi-cyclical

P & G
Intuit (HBR)
Innovative Companies & Startups

Stand in your way (activity)
Lack of courage


Your right brain is off half the time. Its dusty vs. things coming out your ears.

Change animation
Personal history 1) empathy 2) story 3) credibility
Characters, examples, history = story
Limits are human imposed

Ranking: lecture, seminar, conference, workshop
Deep dive, through yourself into it
Imagine, roleplaying
(Heads, hands, & heart–Kimberly McWater)

Paradox, exploit, beyond zero-sum

1. What i’ve learned
2. What I’ve observed
3. My manifesto, theory, ideation & Reflections

Four parts:
1. Mission
2. People
3. Objectives
4. Commitments

Three part process:

Jump Associates (Rotman)
Design works at Rotman

Google vs. Facebook (data vs. intuition)

Time, testing, filtering (lots of ?????)

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