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November 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What are the basic principles of hostage negotiation?

Here are 3 resources on the topic of hostage, which are pretty helpful.

This article is pretty on point–it’s more academic (it has principles in italics if you scan the article):

This article on hostage negotiation and conflict resolution is more pragmatic.

This is also pragmatic–but more in depth (look at page 7 specifically): Heres a hostage negotiation study guide from Texas.

The last one reflects some of the 3 I pointed to on page 7–although page 7 is far, far more comprehensive. This article probably has the meat of what you are looking for in terms of practical suggestions–specifically on page 7, but throughout the guide.

I have read a good deal in the area of negotiation–over a half dozen texts–although not as much in the area of hostage negotiation specifically:

• Earn trust. Create relationship. (Understanding, empathy, etc…)
• Establish authority (?)
• De-escalate immediate/momentary crisis. Help calm.
• Establish common ground

Do you have any recommendations, tips, or suggestions for effective hostage negotiation?

* Note: I’m certainly no expert in this field, I’ve just read a bit of the negotiation literature and there was question on Quora which I decided to answer and thought I would cross-post my answer here on Compassion in Politics.

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