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December 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How can CEOs set up better feedback loops for better decision-making and strategy?

I’ve been reflecting on this question in relation to systems theory and decision theory. Here are some possible ways to get feedback:

• Feedback from customers (good and bad)
• Feedback from employees (good and bad)
• One on one time with people at different levels
• Being a secret shopper
• Being a secret employee
• Various types of market research which meaningfully segments quantitative and/or qualitative data
• Best practice
• Personal reflection
• Case studies
• Living in the life of a customer-type data (aka ethnography & interviews)–perhaps even including video
• Post-mortems on big decisions (good & bad)
• Personal reflection & journaling
• Group discussion (various types & methods)
• Peer groups/Network
• Coaching and/or mentors
• New and relevant filters (aka ways to view the data). This isn’t a feedback loop per se, but it helps create a better analysis of data.
• Visualizing or writing out or otherwise expressing to clarify thoughts and cause and effect relationships.
• Various ways of testing hypothesis (prototyping, pilot projects, etc…)
• Culture of honesty & support for people who tell the truth
• Various mechanisms of communication up and down the organization (both formal and informal)

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