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December 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Top Seven Christian Documentaries on Netflix Instant

Here are the top 7 documentaries you can stream instantly on Netflix based on my personal tastes:

1. Lee Strobel the Case for Christ
2. Lord Save Us From Your Followers
3. Beware of Christians
4. Bonhoeffer
5. One Nation Under God (first movie made by the folks who made Beware of Christians)
6. Ben Stein’s Expelled
7. Amazing Grace

Honorable Mention(s):
1. God in America (a somewhat secular look at Religious faith in America from PBS)
2. Merton (haven’t actually seen this one yet…)

I apologize if any of these Christian documentaries have changed…as Netflix can change their offerings for instant streaming without me knowing. My guess is that 90 to 95% of these are still available for instant streaming on Netflix.

Have you seen any Christian documentaries on Netflix instant that you would recommend????

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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Apr 7 2013 7:46 pm

    A quick recap:
    Lee Strobels the Case for Christ video is realistically just a prelude to the book. Its pretty decent, but the book is soooo much better and more extensive. Still worth watching.

    Amazing Grace and Bonhoffer are both quite good. Haven’t read the books here. But the movies are quite good.

    I think those are the ones I recommend the most out of the list above.

    Also, I think there perhaps is a role for Expelled. I think its reasonably well argued and for me was entertaining (as a thinker on such issues).

    Lord Save Us from Your Followers is interesting. I think its an internal critique of Christianity or people who claim to be Christians.

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