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December 1, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Want free lincoln-douglas debate briefs?

Sorry….this is specifically to students in the National Forensic League who do lincoln-douglas debate. Its pretty much irrelevant to everyone else….

Invest in your future……and buy them.

I’m not saying that to be mean…I’m saying that to be honest. I responded to someone who wanted help finding evidence and complained for briefs being too expensive. I find that to be absolutely hilarious and to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the value of top notch debate briefs

I’m going to provide at least 3 reasons why not purchasing quality debate briefs in lincoln-douglas debate (and by that I mean Victory Briefs or something of comparable quality–which I’m not sure exists, but anyway).

Just so you know, the calculation that debate briefs are too expensive, especially for the national tournament, makes almost zero sense.
• It costs $1,500 to $2,500 to attend debate camp
• It costs $1,000 to $2,000 to go to a seasons worth of tournaments
• It costs about $1,000 to attend the national debate tournament

You can’t pay $25 to $30 for research which will help you make better and more sophisticated arguments as well as providing competitive intelligence to what your opponents will likely be running. The competitive intelligence alone is incredibly helpful and alone justifies the price. LD briefs specifically help you think like a more sophisticated debater (i.e. national caliber debaters write them) in addition to the philosophy and law review quotes that you read while reading the 90 page packs. Admittedly, this requires focus and dedication on your part. Also, they provide a jumping off point for further research.

As such, $30 is an absolute bargain. How much would it cost you in time & money to get all that research yourself? Probably 40 to 80 hours and probably $30 in copies alone (not to mention gas, etc…) and that assumes you can get into a top notch library.

This is the equivalent of buying a car….but not buying oil or not buying gas.

Yes, I realize there is lots of stuff on the internet that is free…..but paying for something….when its about investing in yourself and your brain….is usually well worth it (particularly if its just $30).

* By the way I am referring to Victory Briefs specifically, as there certainly are brief companies which aren’t particularly good. They tend to hire true champions, about 1/2 of which seem to go on to amazing universities and top law schools. Their evidence and their advice is pretty helpful. Victory Briefs really pays attention to the quality of their contributors and I think the quality of their content–particularly in terms of their Lincoln-Douglas based evidence.

** While you’re at it if Mihn Loung is still creating Lincoln-Douglas debate briefs is probably worth it. I know he is quite intelligent–Roger Solt at the University of Kentucky is as well (I’m not sure who the author is now at Planet Debate to be honest). Admittedly, I’m not sure how they stack up versus Victory Briefs or other available companies–but their insights and research I’m sure are quite good. I think given the variety and experience of the collective writers at Victory Briefs that its probably the better option–but that as a 2nd brief to buy, you probably can’t go too wrong with Planet Debate assuming you are already purchasing Victory Briefs.

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