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December 3, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

More on learning theory from UCI

Positive emotions. Can you teach positive emotional associations with your subject? (feel good & enjoy science–positive fibes & feel good about selves)

Emotional taxonomies (a number of attempts)

Intrinsic motivation (ie snowboarding & hobbies & avocation)

Intrinsic decreases each year from k to 12. Extrinsic increases.

Grades, test grades, approval of peers, teachers, and parents. Currency of evaluation. Potential downside to extrinsic rewards.

Infer the reward is the reason you are doing it.

Continuing motivation. Flow (consumed. lose track of time & whats going on around you). Task difficulty & ability well matched (alternative is boredom & anxiety). Should Flow be the goal of education? (our nervous system is wired for this…)

Ed Psych–interesting stuff–hopefully interesting reads:

“Lets say you…”

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