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December 7, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Checklist for choosing the best water purification technology and strategy

Here is a short list of considerations from Pure Water for the World:

Among the factors we consider when choosing the right solution:

Cost: Beneficiaries in rural or underserved developing countries cannot afford expensive techniques.

Reliability: The purification system must operate for years with little maintenance.

Power: The ideal system will not be dependent on external power or sunlight.

Location: Extensive field experience has determined that locating point-of-use water purification technology in homes, schools, orphanages, and health clinics produces the most effective results.

Simplicity: Education and follow-up monitoring by trained personnel are essential to success. The simpler the system, the better the outcome.

Quantity and Quality: The equipment must consistently produce enough safe water to meet daily needs of children and their families.

Supply Chain: The ideal system cannot be dependent on the availability of parts that aren’t available locally.

Ideally borrow expertise, trust, and relationships (perhaps even leveraging time) by coordinating with existing organizations. Coordinating all the criteria above and collaborating with an existing org. (assuming one with enough expertise and logistics) is on the ground is ideal–particularly if this is your first rodeo–so to speak.

Location is really important. It needs to be conveinient.

In an ideal world, not only do you save the village time (from walking to an existing bad water source) but you also

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