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December 7, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

current conditions and future trends of educational technology for 2012

I would suggest the following are pretty big trends in education technology right now:
1) Social learning. Social networking & dialog on blogs and wikis.
2) Professional development via social platforms and social networking
3) Flipped Classroom
4) Project based learning. Using tools like mobile and video to create projects. Also the possibility of digital portfolios
5) One to one learning and assessment
6) Providing a mechanism for required content delivery in an easy way (ie No Child Left Behind, Core Curriculum, Etc…)
7) Skype used as a tool to link to other countries or at least across countries (ie bringing other cultures and experts into the classroom)
8] Teacher as guide, mentor, and sherpa versus the sage on the stage.
9) Tablets and laptops as delivery devices. Digital textbooks. This is a really interesting area of innovation
10) Using project based learning as a way towards experiential learning
11) Online class management tools. Productivity tools for teachers

1) Peer to peer
2) Adaptive learning (link)
3) Gaming and play

These social tools are being used at various levels depending on:
1. administrative support
2. passion of teachers
3. availability of technology

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