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December 18, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Determining Credibility, Reputation, and Trust in a World of Ubiquitous Social Media and Hype

I’ll echo what Nation Hahn said. I would suggest, that this is true of (almost) all emerging fields and that you have to make up your method of credibility evaluation. I would suggest the following is what most folks do:
• Do they make cogent arguments?
• Do they know the space?
• Can they see where the space is going?
• Do they understand human psychology?
• Do they understand technology?
• Are they a thought leader?
• Is what they say relevant to me & my clients?

Probably as well as these questions:
• Do they have big clients?
• Do the have the #s to back it up?
• What other insights & experiences do they bring to the table?
• Can they bring process and method to the table in addition to tactics and strategies?
• Do they help me make sound decisions about the tech hype cycle? (ie do they encourage me to fall for shiny new toys, rather than sound technology applications)
• Does their website look professional?
• Is their signal to noise ratio pretty good?

Realistically most folks probably have 2 or 3 core questions they use. Some might deal with it more at a meta-level.
• How can I verify what they said?
• Does their strategy resonate with what I’ve experienced?
• Is their advice applicable to me and my clients, customers, or challenges?

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