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December 20, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

7 Things about the Assumptions Atheists and Agnostics Make About Christians

This is part of a convo I had online (so read it with that understanding)….unfortunately its not full paragraph essays (the internet ate that version). The underlying issue in this dialog (and most everyone I’ve had of this type) is underlying assumptions and myths people have about Christians, God, the Bible, and Christianity.

1. Logical argument and dialog must be more precise than hasty generalizations. Such generalizations don’t create clear decisions and perpetuate stereotypes. There is too much diversity in faith and religion….much less spirituality to criticize it in one swoop.
2. You’ve never talked specifically in regards to my faith.
3. I don’t have to win that my Christian faith is on balance good, but I think I could as much as someone without numerical data could.
4. The faith versus reason distinction is much fuzzier than you try to make it.
5. It may feel good to spout conspiracy theory–but its really quite easy. Conspiracy theory often has its most difficult problems when its forced to come face to face with actual examples of faith in the lives of people
6. Each discovery in Science proves day by day that we are lucky and we have an awesome universe–we won the cosmic jackpot (basically the definition of a miracle). This at least implies that someone intervened on our behalf.
7. And all your arguments merely prove idolatry and sin are bad.

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