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December 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

21 Incredibly Powerful Concepts for Social Entrepreneurial Sales

1. Promise & USP
2. Offer
3. Guarantee
4. Questions/Interview/Pre-qualify
5. Risk & framing
6. Story
7. Trust & credibility
8. Clarity/Vividness
9. Listening
10. Scratch the Itch (Prospect theory–problem, Show Don’t Tell & Vividness–VIKOC)
11. Scarcity/Uniqueness (including yourself and your time)
12. Imagine
13. Contrast
14. Conditional statements
15. Coaching Opening up the relationship/Opening up the person (Getting to the personal barriers to action. Help them get out of their own way). Identify the unknowns.
16. Empathy. Empathy. Empathy. Get inside their heads.
17. Ideally 80/20 your work & create a process (forest, trees, leaves–different levels of analysis)
18. Tone/Frame/Goal: Reflective wisdom
19. Expectations, myths, & assumptions
20. Defining a new reality/Naming
21. Memorable (rhetorically (other modes of rhetoric), juxtaposition/contrast, alliteration)

• Here’s how your buying criteria is wrong. (2 part) Set up the criteria for buying that leads to your door. *****
• Attraction & authority (and hero)
• If, then, or else (penalty to me) **** type of guarantee
• Help connect the dots.
• Wizard of Oz or Emperor has no clothes.
• Small hinges turn big doors. Create a sales machine via perfecting the process. Kaizen, self-development, and learning. Improvements build on each other.
• Application process
• Think metaphorically…(leaves, trees, triangle or shapes, process, etc…)
• The NO USP (Baja Fresh)–what you’re not (5 things I will never do…)–doesn’t seem to apply. something to test and try.
• USP–what do you uniquely guarantee?
• Defining
• Specialness of offer.
• Position against alternatives.
• You control significance & energy & enthusiasm.
• Setting & Sound & Preview & Priming

Part II: Negotiation, Robert Caldini, Reciprocity. Be entertaining. Be funny. Be human. (logic vs. emotion–man and elephant)

See also my at least 2 posts on public speaking & persuasion.

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