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December 27, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Thought leaders and business growth gurus

Thought leaders and business growth gurus most of whom do workshops and seminars

Business Innovation Strategy: Clayton Christensen, IDEO, and Tom Peters (Honorable mention: CK Prahalad and Vijay Govindarajan for work on the base of the pyramid)

Business Marketing and Growth: Dan Kennedy and Al Ries

Business Systems (particularly small business): Verne Harnish and Michael Gerber (Honorable Mention: Les McKeown & Gino Wickman)

Business Sales: Tom Hopkins & Gitomer (as well as these training companies: here)

Business Coaching: Marshall Goldsmith

Business Leadership & Success: Jim Collins & Jim Kouzes & Bill George & Peter Drucker

Business Leadership & Values: Stephen Covey & John Maxwell

Business Teams: Patrick Lencioni

Business Accountability: Partners in Progress

Business Rewards & Incentives: ???

Business Leadership & EQ: ???

Customer Marketing & Re-tention: ???

Business Motivation: Zig Ziglar (among others)

Business Partnerships & Joint Ventures: ???

Business & Human Resources:

Business Strategy: Michael Porter

Business Productivity/Quality/Six Sigma: Demming

Other leading thought leaders–mostly of the CSR, ethics, & leadership variety (link)

What other business guru areas or gurus or thought leaders haven’t I included?

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