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December 27, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What is the best way to overcome the human fear of rejection

1. All you can expect of yourself is to do your best. All anyone else can expect of you is to do your best. (Corrallary: Obviously no one’s perfect & accidents do happen in the course of human events)
2. Consider the why of the judgement (how it might reflect their perspective or experience or psychological needs)
3. Reframe the judgement
4. Remind yourself of your accomplishments, skills, and victories.
5. Be thankful. Gratitude for your blessings.
6. Be able to laugh at yourself (and others) with a good spirit
7. Probably the best ways to overcome it are to get judged a lot and/or get better.
8. In sales they mentally say “next.” Mentally saying “next”
9. Cultivate good friendships with people you trust.

In line with #7 is the idea of rejection therapy which was featured on Lifehacker: Rejection Therapy: The Game You Win by Actively Seeking Out Rejection (link)
It basically gamifies rejection. I would adapt the rules a bit as I did it–perhaps to amp up the challenge or perhaps provide rewards to myself.

* I think some of these are dependent on the context in which the judgement takes place. I assumed the workplace or vocation, which would cover many of the circumstances of human judgement.

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